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Lane Guide - Contact information for 140,000 lenders and loss mitigation departments. $99 - $299
Office Depot - Great supplies and pricing for almost all of your needs. Check out their postcard paper.
24-7 In-touch Answering Service - If you want to use an answering service for incoming calls from sellers, here's a service that comes recommended.
Investing in the Atlanta area? Use this resource to buy or sell properties with 6,000 other Georgia investors.

Real Estate Investor Associations

These are all quality groups of significant size. You'll have to check out the details for each one, but they are typically excellent resources for training, networking, sub-groups, and staying on the cutting edge of real estate investing.

Georgia Real Estate Investors Association - This is the country's largest real estate investor's association. You can check them out at
Investors Resource Center of America - Another quality real estate investor's association serving the metro Atlanta area. Contact for further information.
Chicago Creative Investors Association - This is Chicago's largest and oldest real estate investor's association. You can find them at
Realty Investment Club of Houston - This is the second largest real esate investor's association in the country. You can get all the details at
Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc. - This is a pretty unique concept with a large following in the Houston area, combining both investing and mentoring. Real Estate Investing

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Lender Resource Contact Numbers
The following contact numbers are those that Mark and Caryn have collected during their work and negotiations with various mortgage companies. We can't guarantee that the numbers and/or departments remain unchanged, but we hope this information is at least a good starting point. As you work with lenders and gather new or different contact information, PLEASE forward them to us at so we can pass the word!

CitiFinancial BK Department 888-853-2747 972-657-1640
Wells Fargo Loss Mitigation 866-261-5642 909-473-3595
ABN Amro Customer Service 800-783-8900 248-457-6402
Litton Loan Short Sales 800-247-9727 713-793-4323
WAMU Loss Mitigation 866-926-8937 904-732-8380
Greenpoint Loss Mitigation 800-784-5566  
Crescent Loss Mitigation 877-239-9587  
GMAC Customer Service 800-766-4622 319-236-5167
Homecomings Customer Service 800-206-2901  
Irwin Mortgage Customer Service 800-284-4462  
State Home Customer Service 800-781-8346  
1st Union Customer Service 866-577-8834  
Saxon Mortgage Customer Service 800-594-8422 817-665-7940
    Loss Mitigation 888-325-3502 817-665-7728
Fairbanks Loss Mitigation 888-818-6032 801-293-2600
1st Horizon Customer Service 800-364-7662 214-441-4597
    Loss Mitigation 800-707-9998  
Ocwen Fed Loss Mitigation 888-554-6599 407-737-5687
DiTech BK Mitigation 800-852-0656 215-293-7192
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